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Have You Visited Chitwan National Park in Nepal During Your Nepal Tour Package?

On the Southern part of Nepal lies the Terai plains which foster the dense tropical jungles and wildlife sanctuaries. Among them, the most visited wildlife sanctuary is The Chitwan National Park

Welcome To Chitwan National Park
Besides, the soaring mountain range, Nepal displays its beauty nowhere else than in the Chitwan National Park. However, it is surprising to know that the country well renowned for the eight of the 10 highest mountains peaks in the world also has a tropical climate that fosters steamy jungles and wildlife in their natural habitat.
Not long ago Chitwan was a center for Nepalese and British aristocrats. The famous hunting games were of endangered elusive Bengal tigers, One-horned Rhinoceros.
Nevertheless, the occasional hunting foray did not seriously jeopardize the Terao’s wildlife. In fact, the region's status as a hunting reserve probably helped protect it.
Establishment of Chitwan Wildlife SanctuaryUntil 1950, Chitwan inhabitants was only the Tharu community scattered around the park. As the settlement increased much of the jungles were deforested into farmland. By 1973, the Rhino population in Chitwan was estimated to be only 100 and there were only 20 elusiveBengal Tigers left. Finally, this disastrous slide was halted when the Chitwan wildlife sanctuary was established in 1964. Around, 22,000 people were forcibly removed from the boundary of the national park. The national park was proclaimed in 1973 and since that time the animal population has rebounded.
Inside Chitwan National Park
A census conducted in 2000 found the Rhino population jump to 544 and an estimate of 50 tigers, quite apart from 50 other species of mammals and 450 different species of birds.
Chitwan As One Of The Best Attraction In Nepal Tour PackagesToday the park offers one of the finest wildlife experiences in Asia. One has to be extremely lucky to see the elusive Bengal tiger, however, visitors will spot One-horned Rhino making out of the bushes like an armored tank. Furthermore, the elephant back safari is the main attraction in Chitwan National Park. This is one of the unforgettable experiences and the views of Rhinos and various species of deer are frequent.
Highlights in Chitwan National Park

Elephant back Safari:
 This is the foremost attraction inside the park. Further, the greatest thrill is commencing an elephant back safari search of carious wildlife inside the park. 
Elephant Back Safari in The park During Nepal tour packages
Visitors Taking Pictures of Wildlife During Nepal Tours
Hence, elephant back Safari is not to miss activity during your Nepal tour package.

Jungle walks:
 Further, visitors are allowed to enter inside the park on foot, however, to get most out of this walk, and for the reason of safety, the visitors are sent with the service of a local naturalist. Walks, which are often nothing more than a pleasant stroll through the jungle, can be exhilarating, but of a Rhino is encountered it can be potentially dangerous. However, the naturalist is experts on tracking the Rhinos and maintaining the distance as these Rhino are very territorial.
Tourist Enjoying Jungle Walks During their Nepal tour package
Furthermore, walking is the ideal wat yo see the different species of bird’s inside the park, and butterflies, and to also see the flora up close.
Canoeing: A canoe trip along the Narayani or Rapti river is a very rejuvenating experience. 
Rejuvenating Experience During Canoeing During Nepal Tour package
View of Crocodile During Canoeing
Further, it is a restful way of seeing the wildlife, particularly the water birds, muggers, and gharial crocodiles. Visitors if lucky can catch a glimpse of a freshwater gigantic dolphin, although they are believed to have vanished from the polluted rivers.

Tharu Village Visit: The native inhabitants are Tharu who are scattered around the boundaries of National Park. Staying in Chitwan will provide an opportunity to explore these Tharu villages, either on foot or in an ox-cart.
Tharu Village Visit During Nepal tour package

Lodges in Chitwan organize Tharu cultural dances every evening which is equally interesting to watch.
These make Chiwan a must include destination during Nepal tour package. It is recommended to stay 2 nights in Chitwan before continuing to Pokhara or Kathmandu.
By: Bibek Raj Adhikari | Managing Director
Travelsmith Nepal Private Limited


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