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Bhutan Tours with Visit to Punakha Valley

Bhutan tours itself is a magical and mystical experience. Further, including Punakha in Bhutan tour package will augment the Bhutan tour package.

Normally, the tourist takes a day excursion to Punakha and make back to Thimphu on the same day. On contrary, one night at Punakha will be a magical experience and will loosen up the Bhutan tour package schedule.
The Punakha district is Bhutan covers a huge terrain from the mountain pass of Dochu La to the subtropical monastery of Punakha itself.

Drive from Thimphu to Punakha (2.75 hours)

Thimphu to Punakha is a picturesque drive along the national highway and over the cool heights of Thimphu through Dochu La mountain pass, finally, reaching to balmy, lush landscapes of the Punakha Valley.
Bhutan tour package with punakha valley

Punakha Valley, Punakha, Bhutan
From Thimphu, the route to the east leaves to Paro and loops over itself to become east-west national Highway. The road then climbs through apple orchards and forest of blue pine to the village of Hongtso (2890 meters). Here the immigration checkpoint controls all the access to eastern Bhutan.
Nepal Bhutan tours
Dochu-La Pass
Further, now the road climbs to the Dochu La (3140 meters), marked by the large array of prayer flags and an impressive collection of 108 chortens. On a clear day, tourist can have a dramatic panoramic view of the Himalayas. Moreover, Dochu La is also stopping points for tourists for lunch. Many tourists make a popular hike from here through The Dochu La Nature trail. In spring this trail will be blossoming with rhododendrons.

Walk from Dochu-La to Lungchutse Goemba

Conceivably, the best hike in this area is the 7km, three-hour roundtrip from Dochu-La to the hilltop of Lungchutse Goemba. Besides, from this hilltop tourists will get the magnificent views of the Bhutan Himalaya. From Dochu- La, the hiking trails climb through the rhododendron forest for 75 minutes with some steep sections en route before furcating left to the goemba.
This is a standout amongst the most restoring and beautiful climbs in the Thimphu area. It will, in general, be done as a hover starting from Dochu La and finishing at Hongtsho town with Lungchutse goemba and Trashigang goemba visit.

Bhutan travels
Lungchutse Goemba
Bhutan tour packages
Trashigang Goemba, Bhutan tours
At Lungchutse one can appreciate 360 degrees perspective of the Himalayan mountain run. The climb begins from the tremendous chorten in the midst of Dochula, the go among Thimphu and Punakha at 3140 meters (10300 feet) above sea level.
Further, from here the trail bit by bit climbs an edge through a backwoods of hemlock, birch, and rhododendrons until accomplishing an open glade. Again, you will go into the forest of greenery anchored rhododendrons, gigantic hemlocks, junipers, and bamboo undergrowth. A little trail drives you the last 50 meters past a column of vacillating supplication signals up to Lungchutse sanctuary.
Moreover, Lungchutse Goemba is referred to as “The Paradise Among The Clouds”.
Although only a few tourists venture this hike, it is one of the best picturesque hikes in the Thimphu area of Bhutan.

Continue Drive from Dochu – La to Metshina

The vegetation changes dramatically at the pass from maple, oak, and a blue pint to the moist mountain rhododendron forest, alpine, cypress, hemlock, and fir. About 11 km below the pass is the entrance to Royal Botanical Park, which is also recommended for tourist to include in Bhutan tour package. Further, here tourists can see 38 of Bhutan’s 46 species of rhododendron and spot some 220 species of birds.
Now it is a long winding descent during which the air gets warmer and the vegetation becomes increasingly tropical. The vegetation here which will be seen is bamboos, oranges, and cactus.
Bhutan Tour operator
Metshina, Bhutan tours
Furthermore, the monasteries soon start appearing on the surrounding hills. Further, the roads continue the descent, looping in and out of the valley, to the road junction at Metshina. From here, the road branches towards the left of the National Highway to Punakha.

Continue drive from Metshina to Punakha

The road makes a switchback sown past the collection of restaurants, houses, and resorts. From here tourist can visit Chimi Lhakhang also referred to as “Temple of The Divine Madman”. In addition, Chimi Lhakhang is one of the attractions in Bhutan tour package.

About Chimi Lhakhang

Chimi Lhakhang, referred to as The Fertility Temple, is a Buddhist monastery, in the Punakha District of Bhutan. This monastery perfectly set on a hefty slope of the forested hill.
Nepal Bhutan tours
Chimi Lhakhang, Bhutan tours
The monastery, meditation lobby, was built by the “Divine Madman,” the unconventional Yogi and holy person Drukpa Kunley, who favored the whole grounds. This monastery is famous all through Bhutan as a fruitfulness inciting magnet, vowing that all who wish to imagine will discover direction at the sanctuary. Further, thousands of pilgrims visit The Fertility Temple with expectations of having a child. Couples with new-born frequently visit the sanctuary so a neighborhood lama, Buddhist educator, can offer a resonating forename on the child.

The Journey Continues to Punakha

Now back on the main road, just 2 km from the junction and 6.5 km from Metshina, is the dusty new town of Khuruthang. Further, 3km is a small park with an excellent viewpoint over the Punakha Dzong. Further on there is a footbridge leading across the Mo Chuu (A famous river in Bhutan) to gorgeous Punakha Dzong.
Bhutan travel and tours
Punakha Dzong, Punakha, Bhutan
Compared to Thimphu, Punakha sits in a fertile and beautiful valley right at the junction of the Mo Chhu (Mother River) and Pho Chhu (Father River). Commanding this river junction is probably one of the most beautiful monasteries in Bhutan Punakha Dzong.
Moreover, the main highlight of Punakha revolves around Punakha Dzong.
About Punakha DzongTraveling to Bhutan itself is a magical and mystical experience. Further, including Punakha in Bhutan tour package will augment the Bhutan tour package.
Normally, the tourist takes a day excursion to Punakha and make back to Thimphu on the same day. On contrary, one night at Punakha will be a magical experience and will loosen up the Bhutan tour package schedule.
The Punakha district is Bhutan covers a huge terrain from the mountain pass of Dochu La to the subtropical monastery of Punakha itself.

About Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong was the administrative center and capital of Bhutan until 1955 when the capital was moved to Thimphu. There are splendid views of the distant Himalayas at Dochula pass (ALT. 3,050m) on Thimphu – Punakha road. Punakha Dzong, 170 meters long and 72 meters wide are a massive and an impressive structure with elaborately painted in gold, red and black impressed woods add to the artistic lightness of touch. The Dzong contains many precious ruins from the days when successive kings reined the kingdom from this valley.
For the tourist in Bhutan tours package including Punakha will supplement the mystic of Bhutan tours.
By: Bibek Raj Adhikari | Managing Director
Travelsmith Nepal Private Limited
Originally published at Travelsmith Nepal Website


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